Zo Kravitz and Jimmy Fallon’s “Up Where We Belong” Duet Is the Cure For a Broken Heart

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We never knew how much we needed a duet from Zo Kravitz and Jimmy Fallon until Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. During the segment “Audience Suggestion Box,” Fallon reads a fan’s note requesting the host help them feel better for not having any romantic Valentine’s Day plans. Out comes Kravitz, in all her glory, to remind everyone that spending the lovey-dovey holiday with friends is just as important and is something to be thankful for. “And, Jimmy, I’m thankful for you,” she adds before music starts playing. Fallon then joins her on stage as they passionately croon Jennifer Warnes and Joe Cocker’s 1982 hit “Up Where We Belong.” Did I tear up a little and wave my phone’s flashlight in the air? Yes, yes I did. Watch Kravitz and Fallon’s heartfelt performance in the clip above!POPSUGAR