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Image Source: TV LandFor the past five seasons, Charles and Liza’s will-they-won’t-they romance on Younger has driven fans crazy. After officially coming out as a couple last season, the former colleagues reach another milestone in their relationship when they share “I love yous” during the season six premiere. Well, in Liza’s case, it’s more like “blurt out” as she accidentally tells Charles her true feelings when she’s leaving for work. Classic, Liza! “I thought it was so beautiful the way the writers constructed it,” Peter Hermann told me about Liza’s “I love you” moment. “It almost happens without thinking, which in a sense is the most beautiful way to hear from someone for the first time that they love you, because there’s such an honesty about it. If it doesn’t come out as part of this endless decision about ‘do I say this, do I not say this?’ It just came out so organically out of her.” POPSUGAR