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After watching the first episode of Netflix’s new series Blood & Water, I was hooked. When I got to episode two, though, my anxiety kicked in and I had to turn off the show. I’ve been living with generalized anxiety disorder all my life, but I’m never entirely sure what will trigger an anxiety attack or cause me to become so stressed that I cannot function. While Blood & Water’s story is compelling and the actors are amazing, it’s the way the story begins to unfold that caused me to turn it off in favor of something “fluffy.”Blood & Water follows high schooler Puleng Khumalo as she searches for her sister, Phumelele, who was kidnapped at birth. At a party, she ends up bumping into a girl named Fikile Bhele who bears a striking resemblance to her long-lost sister, though it isn’t until her father’s arrest and her transfer to the prestigious Parkhurst College that things truly get started. It’s also right around this time that we get a glimpse into just how Puleng is going to go about discovering whether or not Fikile is truly her sister. POPSUGAR