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Chris Hemsworth and Matt Damon aren’t afraid of a little friendly competition! On Saturday, Chris shared a video of them hanging out and brushing up on their archery. In the clip, they start going back and forth with a bit of banter as Matt holds a bow and suction cup arrow and Chris stands from afar. After Chris jokes that Matt doesn’t do his own stunts in his films, Matt quickly raises the bow and arrow and shoots it at his friend. But Chris, being the smooth cool guy he is, is completely unbothered and simply catches the arrow in mid-air, followed by “oohs” and “ahhs” of onlookers.The hilarity doesn’t stop there as Chris throws the suction cup arrow back at Matt with it landing perfectly on his forehead. “That’s messed up, man,” Matt says with the arrow still attached to his face. “I never said Hawkeye wasn’t cool.” Of course, he’s referencing the archery-savvy Marvel comic hero Hawkeye, who is portrayed by Jeremy Renner in the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Both Chris and Matt are very familiar with the movies since Chris has starred in eight of them as the hunky hero Thor, and Matt has a cameo in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok. Evidently, all those years of playing the god of thunder has given Chris some impressive abilities in real life!POPSUGAR