Watch Dan Levy Gush Over Schitt’s Creek’s Emmy Nominations: “It’s a Storybook Ending”

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“I’m doing relatively well, I suppose,” Dan Levy told Seth Meyers with a chuckle Thursday night, coming off a week during which his beloved show Schitt’s Creek casually nabbed 15 Emmy nominations and a GLAAD Media Award. Gotta love that classic Canadian modesty! The actor and producer made a virtual appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers to chat about his sitcom’s cult following, his “soul-crushing” stint as a red carpet correspondent, and more, thus making our love for him grow tenfold.Touching on Schitt’s Creek’s humble beginnings, Levy told Meyers, “You were doing us a favor when you had us on your show six years ago because nobody was watching our show, and then slowly, people ended up catching on the fact that people are now watching it doesn’t change the fact that our budget is still the first 15 seconds of Mrs. Maisel.” As for this week’s Emmys news, Levy said it was “truly a surprise” for the entire cast. “I had hoped that maybe Catherine and my dad would get recognized, but certainly not what ended up happening. None of us could see that coming.””The fact that we have 15 Emmy nominations on a year that none of us will be able to attend feels very Schitt’s Creek.”The exciting news does have a subtle downside – this year’s Emmy Awards will be a virtual ceremony due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but Levy simply chalks it up to a little irony. “If I could write a Schitt’s Creek version of our team and the Emmys coexisting, it would have to involve some sort of way that we would never get there,” he said. “The fact that we have 15 Emmy nominations on a year that none of us will be able to attend feels very Schitt’s Creek.” Their plan for celebrating the accolades? Have a backyard barbecue at Eugene Levy’s house, toss back some beers, and “hope for the best.” Umm, can we snag an invite?!Watch Levy’s endearing late-night interview above to hear him discuss why he chose to make Schitt’s Creek just six seasons long and give a sweet shoutout to dedicated fans of the series.POPSUGAR