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Riverdale’s season three finale drops quite a few bombshells. It reveals who the real Gargoyle King is, introduces us to Betty and Jughead’s half-brother, and cranks our disdain for Penelope Blossom up to a whole new level. One of the biggest “WTF?” moments happens at the very end when we see a flash-forward to the Spring semester of Betty, Archie, Veronica, and Jughead’s senior year. Instead of them doing homework and anticipating graduation like normal high schoolers, they’re standing around a fire in the woods in their undergarments looking all sorts of anxious and terrified. But they’re missing a key member of their squad: Jughead. The only sign of him is his signature beanie, which Archie holds on to. After a few seconds of silence, Betty says, “We have to burn all of our clothes, including Jughead’s beanie. We’ll wash off the blood in the swimming hole. After tonight, we never speak of this ever. Not to each other. Not to our parents. No one. We finish our senior year, we graduate, and we go our separate ways. That is the only way that we don’t get caught.” POPSUGAR