Twitter Would Like to Talk About the Best Part of the Morbius Trailer: Michael Friggin’ Keaton

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The release of the first Morbius trailer has everyone a lot more confused than we thought we’d be, and for one specific reason: a surprise cameo from Michael Keaton. Keaton’s presence is shocking because of the long-standing and complicated relationship between Sony and Marvel, which most famously came to a head in 2019 over the future of the Tom Holland iteration of Spider-Man. Officially, Morbius is the second entry in Sony’s Marvel universe, which is a separate entity from the Marvel Cinematic Universe owned by Marvel Studios; the first movie in the Sony universe was 2018’s Venom. So why is Keaton in the Morbius trailer in a costume that looks suspiciously like the one his MCU character, Vulture, was last seen in? Speculation is running wild over on Twitter – keep reading for some of the best quick takes on Keaton’s cameo.POPSUGAR