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Image Source: Everett CollectionAs the lights went down in my theater and the first words in Solo: A Star Wars Story’s intro began to crawl, I was mentally prepared for two things: to potentially fall in love with Alden Ehrenreich and for Donald Glover to steal every scene he’s in. While both of those things happened – I mean, how could they not? – they still didn’t come close to ranking as the best character in the film. Both of them do exceptional work, but it’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s brilliant, enlightened L3-37 droid who saunters off with Solo’s best lines.British actress, comedian, and playwright Phoebe Waller-Bridge provides the voice for L3, who cares deeply about both her partner in crime, Lando, and droid rights. She spends most of the movie cracking jokes at Lando’s expense – although they’re done with love, since she swears he has an unrequited crush on her . . . and she may or may not have one, too – as well as leading a droid uprising at a key moment. In a movie like Solo, which packs in quite a few characters, it can sometimes be hard to make a personal connection to the new faces since our introductions to them run the risk of being too shallow. That’s not the case with L3; Waller-Bridge brings the perfect amount of sharp wit to her feminist, genius navigator despite never appearing on screen herself . POPSUGAR