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Leonardo DiCaprio is currently vacationing in Italy with girlfriend Camila Morrone, and on Sunday, the happy couple spent an afternoon hanging on a yacht and tearing through the ocean on jet skis. Leo and Camila took turns driving each other around in the water , but the real focus of this story has to be the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star striking poses on a Sea Scooter. Stay with me. The 44-year-old Oscar winner looked to be having a blast while riding around on the scooter, which is pretty evident from his over-the-shoulder glance, casually bent knee, mild duckface, and playful wave to his friends on board. He’s clearly picked up some tips while snapping all those Instagram photos for Camila. I can’t help but be reminded of some of Leo’s previous ocean adventures, including but not limited to blasting off on a Flyboard in Spain, practicing karate kicks on a yacht, and styling his beach towel into a look worthy of Project Runway. The King of Summer strikes again! Keep reading to see photos from Leo’s latest excursion. POPSUGAR