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The season eight premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones is packed with plenty of awesome imagery – including some great peeks at Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons . Her fire-breathing babies will surely play a big part in fighting the White Walkers and her quest for the throne, but let’s not forget that she’s down a dragon. In season seven, the Night King sadly kills Viserion and turns him into a wight to assist his undead army. Can Daenerys successfully defeat them with only two dragons? And more importantly for all the dragon-loving fans, can she ever get more of them?Though the dragons seem like such a staple on Game of Thrones, they don’t actually show up until the very last episode of season one, so a refresher might come in handy. For much of that season, they’re simply eggs. Dany receives the three eggs as a wedding gift from Illyria Mopatis, the guy who arranges her marriage to Khal Drogo. The eggs are mostly for decoration and revered for their worth, as they’ve aged and turned to stone overtime. But Dany feels connected to them somehow, and tries to get them to hatch. Nothing happens until she burns Mirri Maz Duur for cursing her and failing to save Drogo. Dany has the witch tied to Drogo’s funeral pyre, places her dragon eggs on it, and walks into the fire when it’s ignited. The next day, she’s miraculously unharmed, and the eggs have hatched into three baby dragons. POPSUGAR