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Teaser after teaser for the upcoming American Horror Story: 1984 have been dropping courtesy of FX, ranging from moody clips of a teenager running from a masked killer through the woods in terror to all the ’80s-tastic footage of the new cast striking some campy poses. And now we have an even more revealing look at what’s to come in the latest batch of clips, which introduce a Jason Vorhees-esque killer .In addition to showing groups of unsuspecting teenagers making their way to Camp Redwood, we also get to see the scary new villain in action as he sneaks onto a truck and later attempts to murder a girl lounging in a canoe on the lake. The killer also goes after female campers showering, doing laundry, and hanging out on a swing. We can’t wait to see who survives the slasher-themed ninth season when it premiers on Sept. 18 on FX.POPSUGAR