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Image Source: Getty / Jason MendezThe CW’s superhero scene just got a little bigger with the addition of Batwoman, and it seems like a heroic fit. The series, which premiered on Oct. 6, follows the life of Kate Kane as she suits up to protect Gotham City against a terrifying threat. The premiere wastes no time in getting to the action and introducing us to compelling characters, notably the season’s big bad, Alice – played by Reign’s Rachel Skarsten – and Kate’s former lover Sophie Moore – portrayed by Teen Wolf’s Meagan Tandy. We already know that both characters share deep pasts with Kate, but according to Skarsten and Tandy, there’s more to explore as they continue to carve their space in the comic-inspired television sphere. On Oct. 7, the actresses spoke with us over the phone about the future of their characters, as well as their personal journeys on the show and joining the coveted Arrowverse. POPSUGAR