Sabrina Carpenter Reflects on The Short History of the Long Road, Her 21st Birthday, and More

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Sabrina Carpenter is hitting the road and pulling at our heartstrings in her new film, The Short History of the Long Road. The drama – which premiered on June 15 – follows the life of teenager Nola whose nomadic lifestyle takes a turn following a tragedy. “It feels like a light that no one’s seen me in before and a story that isn’t told often for a young girl,” Carpenter told POPSUGAR. “And it’s a project that I have the fondest memories of making.”In honor of Carpenter’s latest movie, we spoke with the actress as part of our new Q&A series, Last Call. Keep reading for more on Carpenter’s time filming The Short History of the Long Road, her 21st birthday, what she’s been listening to, and more. POPSUGAR