Peter’s Mom Is VERY Upset in That Bachelor Clip -Here’s Who She Might Be Talking About

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Peter’s season of The Bachelor has barely started, and we’re already deep in the drama. In the sneak preview for the rest of the season, one clip in particular has spawned countless theories: Peter’s mom, in tears, pleading with Peter, “Don’t let her go. Bring her home to us!” Of course, there’s no real clue about who she’s talking about, but whoever it is must have made a pretty big impression on Mama Weber! So who could it be?We know a few things for sure about the woman she’s referring to. First off, whoever it is must – obviously – be someone she’s met, which means that it has to be one of the women who gets far enough in the competition to visit Peter’s hometown . An Entertainment Tonight report seems to confirm that, reporting that Barbara Weber’s emotional plea comes on the final week of filming. We won’t know for a while what the context of the moment is, but for now, here are four potential theories about who “her” is.POPSUGAR