Peter Weber Breaks Up With Strangers on an Escalator, and Their Reactions Are Hilarious

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Peter Weber knows a thing or two about breaking hearts now that he’s the Bachelor, and on Monday, Jimmy Kimmel put Peter’s skills to the test when he sent the pilot to a local mall to break up with strangers on an escalator. “One of the most important skills a Bachelor has to have is the ability to end a relationship,” Jimmy said. “Nothing makes perfect like practice.” While some people laughed as Peter stood next to them and bid his farewell, others were genuinely confused about what was happening. One person wanted absolutely nothing to do with him and straight up walked away. “I just feel like we’ve shared so much in these last three seconds,” he told a stranger. “It’s been, like, an amazing journey for me. So, I want you to know that, but I think I have to let you go now.” Watch the entire thing above now.POPSUGAR