Netflix’s The Devil All the Time’s Story Is Told Non-Linearly – Here’s How It All Connects

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For the most part, the story of Netflix’s The Devil All the Time, which premiered on Sept. 16, is easy to follow – at least, when you think of it as vignettes held together by an overarching theme. There’s WWII veteran Willard Russell and the belief that his cancer-stricken wife will get better if he makes sacrifices to God; there’s Willard’s son Arvin, who has to grow up with his father’s choices hanging over him as he protects his step-sister Lenora Laferty from those around them, like lecherous Reverend Preston Teagardin; then there’s Sheriff Lee Bodecker who’s looking for reelection but realizes his sister and her husband may jeopardize everything with a dark secret they hold. Each of them is suffering the damages of post-war, crime, or a dark family shadow, leaving each a disturbed individual that resorts to violence to solve their problems. If you got swept up in their stories and found yourself confused as to what was going on, keep reading to see how all the main characters of The Devil All the Time are connected. POPSUGAR