Meet the A-List Cast of Mank, the New David Fincher Film Shot Entirely in Black and White

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David Fincher’s first film since Gone Girl looks like it’s going to be well worth the wait. The director’s upcoming Netflix film, Mank, tells the true story of screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz, aka “Mank,” the lesser-known cowriter behind Orson Welles’s iconic drama, Citizen Kane. Set in 1930s Hollywood and shot entirely in black and white, Mank appears to be a real homage to the golden age of cinema and a worthy Oscar contender.As reported by Deadline, the biopic has been a 20-year passion project for Fincher, who’s come close to bagging an Oscar not once, but twice – in 2009 for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and again in 2011 for The Social Network. With Gary Oldman leading the cast and the likes of Amanda Seyfried and Lily Collins supporting, we couldn’t be more excited to catch Mank when it lands on Netflix on Dec. 4. Catch the teaser trailer ahead and for the rest of the cast joining Oldman, Seyfried, and Collins, keep reading!POPSUGAR