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Help! I looked into young Bill Anderson’s crystal blue eyes and now I’ve fallen. Deep. While the plot of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again follows young Donna Sheridan’s experiences with three different men, the movie could’ve ended when she stepped on Bill’s boat and I would’ve completely understood. Young Bill, played by actor Josh Dylan, swept Donna off her feet while they sailed together to Kalokairi, but his flirtatious energy didn’t just win her over – it got us all. Moviegoers everywhere, myself included, were swooning during their dance number, and I’ve kept “Why Did It Have to Be Me?” on repeat for the last five days. My Twitter feed has been full of Mamma Mia! tweets in general, but after some thorough social media scanning, my thirsty self is happy to report that I’m not alone in my love for this Swedish sailor. The reactions ahead are evidence that fans really can’t stop talking about the charming man, who many think is Sophie’s “real” dad. POPSUGAR