Let’s Talk About Klaus Literally Preaching Song Lyrics to His Cult on The Umbrella Academy

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There’s a lot to love about The Umbrella Academy’s second installment: the incredible cast, the amazing soundtrack, the plot twists, the time-traveling. But one of the best parts of the season is, undoubtedly, Klaus and his cult – or, as he puts it, his “alternative spiritual community.” The counterculture coterie, named Destiny’s Children, is certainly alternative, considering the ideologies that Klaus preaches are just song lyrics. And since Klaus founded his sect in 1963 after arriving from the future, his followers have no idea that his words of wisdom – and the cult’s name – are plagiarized from ’70s and ’90s music artists. Although there are only a few nods to the subsequent singers, Klaus’s “teachings” add a fresh, comedic twist that deserves a shout-out. Keep reading to see every song that Klaus quotes to his devotees! POPSUGAR