Justin Bieber Tried to Teach Jimmy Fallon to Play Hockey, and He Should Stick to Singing

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“Easy peasy,” Jimmy Fallon said as he learned how to play hockey from Justin Bieber. In a recent Tonight Show segment, the singer, who plays hockey recreationally and is a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, shared his love of the sport with the late-night host, who had trouble standing on the ice without rolling backward. So, that should give you an idea of how things went. During one line drill, Jimmy opted to not skate and simply crawled instead. In another, Justin dragged Jimmy as he held onto a hockey stick. A real highlight, however, happened when the two practiced backhand shots while dishing out backhanded compliments, which offered Jimmy an opportunity to finally beat out Justin on the ice with: “I really like your mustache. I love that it’s not quite skeevy.” Watch it in its entirety above.POPSUGAR