Jonathan Van Ness Is Serving Pure, Gorgeous Joy on Cosmopolitan UK’s Cover

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Jonathan Van Ness has been announced as Cosmopolitan UK’s January 2020 cover star, and henny, I am on. The. Floor. Resplendent – it really is the only appropriate descriptor here – Jonathan is dressed in head-to-toe tulle, with a sneaker-clad foot poking out the bottom and a huge, joyful smile on his face. This is a huge moment for the UK magazine, which rarely sees a “non-female cover star” gracing its cover. In fact, this is only the second time, with One Direction being the first to take centre stage in 2012. In an Instagram post on Monday, Cosmopolitan UK’s executive editor, Amy Frier, revealed that the interview covers “Brexit, Bake Off, Binaries, and Bernie Sanders – as well as some things not beginning with ‘B.'” Jonathan released his debut novel and memoir, Over the Top, in September, where he opened up about his diagnosis as HIV-positive – as well as many other pivotal life moments – for the first time. Since the release of his book, Jonathan has spoken widely about HIV/AIDS – including an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Sunday, World AIDS Day – and has become a staunch advocate for those at-risk and living with HIV. “This is only the beginning,” he told Cosmopolitan UK. “I’m quickly realising that there is still so much misunderstanding, so much sensationalising of living with HIV. The stigma and the difficulty around the process of getting treatment is creating that. My work has only really just begun.” POPSUGAR