If You’re a Supernatural Fan, You’re Going to Love Netflix’s Sci-Fi Series October Faction

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Obsessed with all things monsters and familial drama? Allow us to introduce you to Netflix’s new sci-fi series, October Faction. The show, which is based on Steve Niles and Damien Worm’s comic-book series of the same name, follows a set of twins named Geoff and Viv , whose lives are turned upside down when they find out their seemingly normal parents are actually monster hunters. As the show’s production company, IDW Entertainment, puts it, it’s basically a perfect crossover between Men in Black and Riverdale. Ahead of the show’s season one premiere on Jan. 23, POPSUGAR has an exclusive first look at what’s to come. The series may seem like your everyday supernatural drama, but it’s so much more than that. “It has a lot of supernatural horror elements, but it’s so well-grounded in what’s happening with the characters and their personal lives,” Darku told POPSUGAR about the series. In addition to the supernatural elements, he’s also excited that the show brings something new to the sci-fi genre as a whole. “It does a great job of inclusivity,” he said. “We’re getting to see a lot of different character types that we wouldn’t normally see in this type of genre. a really great balance of with this backdrop of all the crazy sci-fi and monsters stuff going on.” “It speaks a lot to how in our society we sometimes get this picture of a certain group of people and then you slap them with a label.”In fact, by the end of the first season, you might find yourself questioning who the real monsters are. “The whole thing is that the monsters can’t help who they are,” he said. “Not all of them want to hurt people. It’s a matter of taking away your view of everything is black and white and really trying to take every situation situationally and try to deal with it accordingly. The twins don’t agree with the fact that their parents think that all monsters pose both a threat and they need to be met with weapons and destruction. It speaks a lot to how in our society, we sometimes get this picture of a certain group of people and then you slap them with a label.” “We’ve seen that happen a lot in another show that I love, Supernatural,” he said. “The brothers would hunt monsters, and sometimes they would come across this being that would completely change their perspective, and that theme definitely comes across in our show a lot, which is something that I really enjoy and I’m really looking forward to people getting to see.” Keep reading for more exclusive images of October Faction, and be sure to binge-watch the series when it hits Netflix on Jan. 23. POPSUGAR