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Hulu’s new comedy Shrill is getting plenty of buzz for its honest, funny depiction of a plus-size woman navigating the ups and downs of her life. The series is remarkably short, even by the standards of streaming platforms: it only runs for six episodes. With the positive reception, viewers immediately wondered whether there would be a second season, and now Hulu has finally announced that yes, Shrill will be back for season two!Per The Hollywood Reporter, the show’s sophomore season will expand from six episodes to eight. Last month, Aidy Bryant told the outlet that she hopes it will run for even more seasons, so they must have a few ideas for Annie’s story already in mind. “I think there is a world where we can squeeze a couple more in. I’m not going to stay at SNL forever, even though I love it – it’s just really grueling to do both,” Bryant told THR. “Particularly this Fall, we were editing and doing all the music supervision and all that stuff while I was at SNL. So I would do that in the morning, then go to SNL and work all night. And I can’t sustain that forever. I can’t do it.” POPSUGAR