HBO Max’s The Witches Is More Like the Book Than the Classic ’90s Film, but With a Twist

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Whenever I watch a remake, I always take the chance to appreciate the film as its own movie, separate from the original. HBO Max’s remake of Roald Dahl’s The Witches is just different enough from the Anjelica Huston-led 1990 film to stand out, but the two bear the foundational similarities enough to both be considered classics in their own right. There are only two really big differences between the two that are worth noting: the 2020 remake is decidedly less frightening than its predecessor and it has a different ending than the first film. Instead, the Anne Hathaway version pulls from the book’s original ending to tie its adventures up in a neat bow. Keep reading for what that ending is and all the other ways the remake differs from the original. POPSUGAR