Exclusive: The Zombies 2 Cast Takes You Behind the Scenes of Those Memorable Performances

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Just as expected, Zombies 2 includes so many iconic performances. The musical premiered on Disney Channel on Feb. 14, and we haven’t been able to get all the catchy songs out of our heads since. After the humans and zombies unite in the first film, the sequel follows the arrival of another supernatural species: werewolves. And let’s just say, they’re not as willing to make nice. In addition to all of the flashy choreography and catchy melodies, the film also features empowering songs about embracing what makes you different, despite what other people think. Plus, there’s a really sweet reprise of “Someday” from the original movie sung by Milo Manheim and Meg Donnelly. Let the cast take you behind the scenes with these exclusive videos from the performances ahead. POPSUGAR