Emmy Raver-Lampman Explains How Allison Hargreeves Learned to Love Herself in the Segregated South

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Image Source: Jenny AndersonFrom the first episode of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy, I knew Allison Hargreeves would be my favorite superpowered sibling. She’s the perfect combination of effortlessly cool and hauntingly vulnerable. She has enormous power – being able to bend reality to her whim with a simple phrase – but the ease in which she abuses it scares her. Unlike her graphic novel counterpart, she’s compassionate and kindhearted, which makes her infinitely more likable. That dynamic shift is mostly thanks to Allison’s portrayal by Emmy Raver-Lampman, the actress who manages to make me love the flawed yet compelling Number Three.The Allison I fell in love with in season one is notably different from the one we meet with in season two, a difference that Raver-Lampman credits to Allison’s adventures while reuniting with her siblings and the circumstances she finds herself in when they get separated after Number Five uses his powers to save his family from the Vanya-induced apocalypse in 2019. “I think we are getting a glimpse of a new Allison in season two,” Raver-Lampman told POPSUGAR. “She has taken this low moment in her life – landing back in the ’60s without her family, without Claire, without her powers, and being immediately confronted with the segregated South – as an opportunity for a new beginning. And because she doesn’t have her voice for a year, she has been scaled all the way back and doesn’t have the vices and the crutches that she is used to and is accustomed to.” POPSUGAR