Don’t Mind Us, We’re Just Eating Croissants and Scrolling Through These Emily in Paris Memes

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If you haven’t been eating croissants, wearing berets, and tweeting about Netflix’s latest hit Emily in Paris, then what have you been doing? The show follows Emily Cooper , who leaves Chicago to travel around Paris taking selfies, drinking coffee, and meeting cute guys – er, I mean, to provide an American perspective to a Paris-based marketing firm. Based on its top-10 status on Netflix, we know that tons of viewers are loving – or loving to hate – Emily in Paris. Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, everyone can agree that the memes inspired by this show are hilarious. Enjoy the jokes and your favorite parts of the show by sliding through the memes and Twitter posts ahead. Laughs, amazing fashion, and sexy pictures of Gabriel are all included.POPSUGAR