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It finally happened! After what seems like an eternity of mutually fangirling over each other via the internet, Cardi B and Lady Gaga met in real life at the Grammys, thus answering our prayers in one fell swoop. Both stars had pretty eventful nights at the award show – Gaga nabbed three shiny trophies, and Cardi made history as the first solo female to win best rap album – and they celebrated their victories together. The two artists posed for a handful of adorable pictures together after each delivering performances on stage, and honestly, I’m feeling the need to frame all of them because they’re just that cute.Back in 2016, Cardi B proclaimed her admiration for Gaga on Twitter, writing, “When I was a teenager lady Gaga changed my life. She inspired me to be myself & be different.” But the stanning didn’t stop there! Two years later, footage of Cardi performing “Bad Romance” in high school began circulating, and when Gaga caught wind of it, she shared a clip on Twitter and wrote, “I LIVE @iamcardib ???.” She also tweeted lyrics to Cardi’s song “Get Up 10,” tagging Cardi and adding, “SPEAK WOMAN” with a heart emoji. Needless to say, their highly anticipated meetup has me craving a collaboration more than I crave brownies when it’s that time of the month. Keep reading to see all the cute photos of Cardi and Gaga hanging at the Grammys. POPSUGAR