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If you’re not aware, May is Mental Health Month, which I’ve been spending shouting about my clinical depression and anxiety from the rooftops OK, OK, perhaps I haven’t been that extreme . But what I can do is spend the next few weeks discussing the female characters I’ve recently found myself connecting with thanks to the mental health struggles they encounter on screen. The relationship between women and mental health is so often exploited in film and on TV, portrayed inaccurately and amped up for drama rather than taking the time to fully examine what the character is going through. Although there are a lot of shows that have gotten it wrong – oh so very, very wrong – now is the time to celebrate the ones that have gotten it right. From the titular character in Jessica Jones to Black-ish’s Rainbow, I teamed up with my colleague Britt Stephens to highlight the female characters who are currently changing the way mental illness is portrayed on screen. See all our picks ahead! POPSUGAR