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If there is one thing no one understands about Game of Thrones, it’s the enigma of Bran Stark. The young man has completely changed from the carefree child he started out as in the very first episode, and is now the impassive Three-Eyed Raven. He seems to see all, hear all, and know all – except how to blend in enough that he doesn’t completely freak out his siblings. Nonetheless, one of Bran’s most well-honed abilities is “warging” into various creatures, which basically means his conscious takes over their able bodies. We’ve seen him doing it multiple times throughout the series, and lately, his animal of choice is the raven. Ravens make it easier to fly long distances and see what the Night King is up to. But it seems like he might be using his ability to spy on more than just the Night King!Redditor massattack75 points out that in the premiere episode of season eight, there’s a raven lurking in the background as Sansa and Tyrion reminisce over their annulled marriage and individual journeys over time. When Sansa walks away, Tyrion looks out into the courtyard, catching the eye of Bran, who is staring directly at him. He looks as if he’s heard every word of their conversation . POPSUGAR