Schitt’s Creek Costars Dan Levy and Noah Reid Judge Wedding Cakes, and It’s Simply the Best

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I’m more than a little bit excited for David and Patrick’s wedding during the Schitt’s Creek series finale, but while I wait, I’ll have to settle for a cake review video with Dan Levy and Noah Reid. The costars recently participated in a great cake showdown for Entertainment Weekly, and ranked six different desserts worthy of a Rose-style celebration. Dan and Noah seemed extremely in-sync with their opinion of every treat they tried. Perhaps that’s a result of all of their time as an on-screen couple. Regardless, it’s simply the best watching these two do anything together, and it’s making me so excited for the show’s Netflix drop later this year. Watch the fun video above to see the sugary sweet moments between the pair, and mark your calendar for the finale and subsequent documentary special on April 7.POPSUGAR