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View this post on InstagramA post shared by zoey deutch on May 6, 2020 at 2:28pm PDT We’ve covered Zoey Deutch a couple of times, she’s in The Politician on Netflix and the Zombieland sequel. She’s the daughter of Lea Thompson and director Howard Deutch and she’s just 25, which is surprising to me because she seems wise for her age. Zoey did a recent essay for Vulture about how she’s dealing in lockdown. She’s alone with her rockstar dog, Maybelle , and has been enjoying cooking and playing Animal Crossing. She prefers the Sims though, because you can make the characters have sex. She’s just like us! Zoey is getting the most press for revealing her coronavirus struggle and the fact that she had the virus early on and found it debilitating. Her friend also had it and was totally fine.She recovered from coronavirusI had the coronavirus early on, before the shutdown, and a group of my friends also got it. People keep asking me, “Where did you get it?” and I wish I knew. I feel like I could have spoken in a more eloquent way about my experience had I known. I continued testing positive for a month, which is longer than they’re saying you’re supposed to. I’m okay now. I’m so grateful for my health and I also feel guilty, in a way, for making it out okay. I think this virus is bringing up so many conflicting emotions. I have to say I’m also so grateful for my inherent neuroses, which caused me to stay inside before I was supposed to. I’ve been quarantined longer than there was a mandated shut-in.The reason I want to talk about it now is because it’s so important to wear masks. So many people don’t show symptoms, and my experience was that me and my friends who got it all had such drastically different symptoms. I had a sore throat and felt totally delirious, like I was losing my mind. It was different than the normal “me feeling like I’m losing my mind.” One of my friends only lost taste and smell. One went to the hospital with the “normal” symptoms, but another friend had absolutely no symptoms at all. I stayed inside for almost two months, and I still very minimally go out, with a mask.I hate to sound like I’m trying to be preachy, but it’s so important to wear a mask when you go out, even if you think you’re okay and think you don’t have it or think it’s allergies. You just don’t know if you have it or not. I really want to be able to donate blood and get groceries for people who haven’t had it and be more of service than I have been able to. I am so lucky to be healthy, that I’m safe and not immunocompromised and have access to doctors; I am incredibly privileged. But not everyone shares that privilege — so we need to be extra careful for those who don’t by wearing masks.On playing Animal CrossingAnimal Crossing has also been addictive right now, but I will say, it’s not The Sims. It’s great, but not the same. A huge part of the problem is that I can’t make the characters have sex. I loved Sims because I could create chaos amongst them, and you can’t do that on Animal Crossing. It needs the love tub — the hot tub in Sims where you can have sex. I also need incentive to bring other animals to my island. Otherwise, it’s like, “Why do I want to muddy up my beautiful island?” One time, I did all this work and I collected a ghost, and it was like, “Do you want something expensive or something you don’t have?” And I said, “Something I don’t have,” and it gave me a beach ball. After doing all of that work! I was so devastated and confused at the lack of awareness of the amount of work I did. The culture is out of control, but I’m contributing to it. There’s more in there about her joy of cooking and how she’s distraught that Chrissy Teigen and Alison Roman got into it, because she likes both of them. She also sounded apologetic about the fact that she doesn’t have a lot of hobbies other than cooking, which I found endearing. Like Zoey I summoned the ghost in Animal Crossing! It cleans up all your weeds for you on the GameCube version, and I deliberately moved the time a few hours ahead so I could find the ghost and didn’t have to do all that weeding. This also reminds me that I need to start playing The Sims again. I enjoyed old school early 2000s Sims when you could murder them in swimming pools and make their ghosts haunt the property. The newer Sim versions were too confusing for me, but I should give it a try again.I’m glad Zoey is ok and that she’s getting the word out about asymptomatic people. So many young people think they’re immune or that they don’t have it when they’re out there spreading it. View this post on Instagram every time i do a shoot on a bagel someone just HAS TO photoshop me onto a bedA post shared by zoey deutch on Apr 6, 2020 at 2:33pm PDT Photos credit: and via InstagramCelebitchy