Victoria Beckham Says She’s Trying To Be The Best Wife

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It’s Thursday and I hadn’t yet seen any updates about the rumoredVictoria and David Beckhambreak up this week, so I knew it was only a matter of time.Hello! Magazine says that Poshtook to the podium at the Forbes Women’s Summit in New York earlier this week and used the opportunity to talk about her husband. Damnit, Victoria: it’s a women’s summit and you couldn’t pass the Bechdel test for five minutes?Posh said:“I try really, really hard. I try hardest to be the best mother… I am trying to be the best wife and the best professional. When I get home I try to put the phone down and spend time with the children and spend time with David.”So sweet. Put that phone down, Victoria! Make an effort to find time for your husband and four children; you’re just like a normal person. You’re so down to Earth. This is like when she gave up heels. Such realness, such sacrifice.Victoria continued to gush about Becks to whom she’s been married since the new millennium. This is one way to try to kill the rumor that Becks knocked up Harper’s teacher.“I have the support of an incredible husband… We really are equal with everything we do at home with the children. When I’m away he’s the one doing the school run and doing the cooking.”I am so sick of men getting praised for taking their children to school or cooking. Bare minimum, much?Along with praising her husband, Victoria also spoke about how she hopes her daughter becomes the next Elon Musk, but probably better dressed:“When I take Harper to school I tell her, ‘Harper you’re a girl and you can do anything’… She’s a strong woman… She wants to be an inventor. She’s a strong smart woman. A little woman.”A rep for the couple also confirmed to Hello! that they are staying together because there is “no impending statement, no divorce.”I really hope their reps are telling the truth. I don’t want Posh and Becks to break up. If not because of my nostalgic love of the Seasoning Women then because I need to believe in some kind of true love again after this rough week I’ve had.If Victoria and David Beckham won’t stay together for the sake of their love, who will?! WHO WILL?!Pic: Wenn.com.Dlisted