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On Wednesday night, 911 received a call from a frantic Tori Spelling reporting a break-in – a break-in that turned out to be just Dean McDermott coming home. Then on Thursday morning, police received another 911 call from Tori’s house, this time by The Deaner to report that she was acting aggressively and possibly suffering from a nervous breakdown. Sources claimed she had had a panic attack triggered by family issues. According to a source that spoke to People, the issue is that her family consists of five kids and felt extremely overwhelmed.People’s source says:“She can get very stressed. The last year has been really tough on Tori. She has a ton of pressure and stress, with the kids, work and her marriage.”Police told TMZ yesterday that they didn’t believe Tori met the criteria for a psychiatric hold. Although they did reportedly take a domestic violence report.People’s source adds that Tori has a tendency to “internalize a lot of her anxiety” and that she’s going to eventually get to a breaking point. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume she finally reached it yesterday morning. But, the source says, Tori and Dean have their “ups and downs” and that family is the most important thing to them.The day before Tori was visited by the police, she was hanging out with The Bachelor’s Corinne Olympios. Corinne spoke to TMZ about Tori, saying she seemed quiet, joked about not wanting to go home to all her kids, and that she had “naked and unmanicured” nails. That’s just rude; clearly Tori’s mom doesn’t give her an allowance for such frivolous extravagances.I don’t doubt that Tori is a ball of anxiety. She has five kids, is broke and has a husband who probably communicates almost solely in the shaka sign. I’m stressed out with zero kids and a $68 phone bill. What I am suspicious of is how close a drama-magnet like Corinne is to this situation. I absolutely do not want to believe this is all a stunt, but I will say I will be very pissed if a few weeks from now I see a commercial for an upcoming reality show called MandaTORI Bed Rest. Pic: Wenn.comDlisted