There’s Now A Trailer For Corey Feldman’s Crowdsourced Documentary About Hollywood Pedophiles

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At long last, Corey Feldman was able to drum up enough money to complete his documentary about the Hollywood pedophilia ring, in which he promised he would finally name names as he’s been teasing since 2011. There’s a trailer now and everything. According to Meaww , TRUTH: The Rape of 2 Coreys is scheduled to be released online on March 3, but it will stream only once so “interested viewers across the world will have to watch it at the same time.” The film will be available to stream, for $20, on Corey’s new website WWW.MYTRUTHDOC.COM which isn’t up quite yet but, per his Instagram, he expects “THIS SITE 2 B FULLY FUNCTIONAL SOMETIME AFTER VDAY!”Here’s the announcement from Corey’s IG. Those who donated to his campaign can rest assured that Corey didn’t waste a single dime of your money on marketing or promotion. View this post on Instagram THE 1ST OFFICIAL ART FROM THE NEWLY LAUNCHING WWW.MYTRUTHDOC.COM I EXPECT THIS SITE 2 B FULLY FUNCTIONAL SOMETIME AFTER VDAY! THIS WILL B THE 1 STOP SHOP 4 ALL YOUR #MYTRUTHDOC VIEWING & INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCES THAT WE R BUILDING SO WE CAN LAY OUT ALL THE PERTINENT INFO RELATED 2 THE FILM & THAT WAY #EVERYBODY CAN B A SLEUTH & DIG THROUGH THE MATERIALS AFTER WATCHING THE FILM SO THAT U CAN DECIDE 4 YOURSELF WHO KNEW WHAT, & WHO DID WHAT, & HOW THEY TRIED 2 KEEP #MYTRUTH FROM COMING! I WANT U 2 ALL HAV THE ABILITY 2 DIG DEEPER THAN WHAT WE CAN FIT IN2 A 90 MIN FILM, I WANT THE WHOLE WORLD 2 LEARN THE FACTS, & COMPARE NOTES, & DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS! AS THERE WILL B MANY DISCUSSIONS AFTER THE FILM PREMIERS! #MYTRUTHDOCISCOMIMGSOON #Kids2 #ISTANDWITHCOREY #PRESERVEINNOCENCE #PROMISESKEPT #HISTORYMADE #CHANGEISCOMING #TRUTHISCOMINGA post shared by Corey Feldman on Feb 6, 2020 at 8:46pm PSTHere’s the trailer for T:TRO2C. Those who donated to his campaign can also rest assured that Corey didn’t waste any of your money on makeup, wardrobe, lighting or a Stella Adler refresher course in Tears For The Stage And Screen.Girl, I don’t know either. Maybe the lowercase and parenthetical “my” in the title is supposed to signal that Corey will actually only be talking about the alleged abuse Corey Haim endured, and not so much his own story. Meaww adds:The documentary, directed by Brian Herzlinger, will include first time interviews of many people who grew up with the two Coreys and witnessed the pain and pressure they endured in the industry. The film features interviews with co-stars Keith Coogan, Jamison Newlander, Susie Feldman, and the late Kristoff St. John in his final words, speaking openly about child abuse in Hollywood. The film also includes a rare interview with former Disney TV Star Ricky Garcia who recently filed charges against his manager and his former agent from APA in Hollywood.I don’t think anybody doubts Corey’s claims he was sexually abused growing up as a child star in Hollywood, or his assertions that Hollywood has a pedophilia problem. It’s just that he’s been so very sloppy about telling his story. What with the frequent teases, the reversals, and his insistence on including Haim’s story in his narrative despite Haim’s mother’s frequent and sustained objections. It makes the news that Corey is finally going to name names, seem less potentially explosive than he thinks it does. That said, I hope the FBI springs for that $20 ticket. Maybe something will come of it.Pic: Wenn.comDlisted