The Men Took A Few Fashion Risks On The Grammys Red Carpet

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While, as Michael already pointed out, Prince’s eyes are probably still rolling in their grave after Usher gave him a tribute at last night’s Grammy Awards, there was one thing that Prince could be proud of. Prince’s fashion DNA was all over the red carpet, right down to the bare asscheeks. The men were having fun at the Grammys, outshining the women with looser expressions of gender and daring accessories. Let the girly-girls like Ariana Grande have their beautiful gowns. With the exception of the Jonas Brothers, the men of the red carpet took risks that paid dividends . Sorry ladies, its the guys time to shine. We already know what boobs look like.You’ve seen Lil Nas X’s effusively pink “ride it, my little pony” leather Versace showpiece , I mean how could you miss it. But you might have missed Tyler The Creator’s subtler subversion of a classic bellhop uniform, complete with white gloves and a fully packed valise. Tyler’s a smart, artistic man, I’m sure his choice of outfit has a message given the history of black men as bellhops/porters/elevator operators in this country, but I am only equipped to comment that Wes Anderson probably jizzed his pants when he saw this and made a note to ask the designer if they could make one in Danny Glover’s size for his next film, Union Pacific Rising.No, Shaun Ross wasn’t farting the whole time he was sitting in the audience . Or if he was, he went all out to cover it up by wearing head2toe bubble wrap. But fancy bubble wrap made out of pearls! Or frogs eggs. Whatever they are, I want to walk my weary feet up and down the front of him.I don’t know who Guapdad 4000 is because I can’t read past the headliners on the Coahella flyer without my reading glasses but I am in love with this ridiculous du-rag. This fool had a handler carry his train down the runway for him. There’s something about the simplicity of the rest of his outfit that makes the du-rag that much more audacious. And I’ll all for more audacity in 2020.FINNAMED the Grammys pic.twitter.com/2PkUTlJaNw— GUAPDAD 4000 January 26, 2020Check out the rest of the audacious, and subdued, from the Grammy Awards red carpet in the gallery below.Pics: Wenn.comDlisted