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I’m sure that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s calendars are mostly determined by their kids’ school schedules at this point. Apparently, George and Charlotte have been out of school for their “Easter holiday” for the past two weeks? That’s what people keep saying, although that kind of break seems weird to me. I went to public school in America, and we generally got a week or a week-and-a-half off around the actual Easter date, not two or three weeks before. But Kate’s last public event was on March 28th, and William has only done two public events in four weeks’ time – the St. Patrick’s Day/Irish Guards shamrock thing, and appearing at the premiere of Our Planet on April 4th. Reportedly, William spent three week “shadowing” people at British spy agencies, but it just sounded like a glorified internship. I guess my point is that it’s weird that we haven’t seen much of Will and Kate in the past month. I even joked that it felt like Kate went on “maternity leave” with Meghan. If I’m being unkind, I might suggest that Kate wasn’t doing appearances because she doesn’t have the same urge when it’s not a head-to-head competition with Meghan. But I’m sure it’s mostly about the kids’ school schedules, honestly. It’s been reported for weeks that Kate has spend April in Norfolk with the kids. Conveniently, Hello Magazine and the Daily Mail got some photos of William, Kate and the kids hanging out with Zara and Mike Tindall and their kids. You can see the photos at the DM link below:Adorable family pictures of the Cambridges on a day out in Norfolk ?@MailOnline? George is growing up fast as is Charlotte – plus lovely shots of Mia Tindall and William.— Rebecca English April 14, 2019You can see cute photos of Prince George on Mike’s shoulders and Kate with the girls and all of it is super-cute. The photos came from Norfolk, where the Cambridges were out to support Zara Phillips-Tindall at the Burnham horse trials, which were close to Anmer Hall. Hello says that Prince Lou wasn’t there, and was probably home with Nanny Maria. Poor Lou – too little to watch the horses!As many have pointed out, these photos were most likely sanctioned in some way by the Cambridges. If they were unsanctioned, they wouldn’t have been published in Hello or the Daily Mail. The fact that the DM and Hello are running them as exclusives with cutesy coverage about how family-oriented and country-normal they are means that this sh-t was almost definitely arranged. They’ve done similar things in the past and it hasn’t been about anything other than projecting this “happy, middle-class family” image. But coming in the wake of the Rose Hanbury-affair stories, well… these photos look rather obvious. I’m sure it works on some people though.The children have all grown up so much!— HELLO! April 14, 2019Photos courtesy of WENN and Avalon Red.Celebitchy