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Here are some photos of Chris Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky and Tessa Thompson at last night’s New York premiere of Men In Black: International. Do you think this MIB reboot is going to be any good? I think it looks fun and silly, which is the goal, and I think it will probably be a decent-sized hit. We’ll see.I honestly almost forgot to grab some photos of Chris and Elsa because I was so busy looking at Tessa’s dress from all of the angles. She wanted us to look at her dress from all the angles too, that’s why she made sure to pose in a million different ways. This silver gown is from Rodarte, and if it wasn’t a custom piece, then Rodarte just made a severely wacky dress that somehow was 100% perfect for this premiere. This Rodarte is in keeping with everything about MIB: silly, shiny, not serious. Tessa has been having a ball with her promotional fashion, and her stylist definitely deserves a raise. Why I think this dress is a trainwreck of fashion, I can’t hate on it at all. It’s totally perfect.As for Chris and Elsa… yeah, they were there too. Photos courtesy of WENN.Celebitchy