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If Taylor Swift was a normal person, you might look at this picture and assume it was taken as she was demanding to speak to the manager of an Anthropologie. But Taylor Swift is both famous and passive-aggressive, which means we’re looking at a picture of Taylor’s attempt at directing some lyrical aggression towards her current enemies, Scooter Braun and Big Machine.Taylor is clearly still very angry that Scooter Braun is the current owner of six albums worth of her song masters, masters that she claims she tried very, very hard to buy back with her own money from Big Machine’s Scott Borchetta. Normally when it comes to fights involving Taylor’s money, she takes it to the court system. But considering Taylor reportedly doesn’t have much of a legal case, she’s got to take things into her own hands.Last night Taylor performed a concert for Amazon Prime Day and she did several of her hits includingShake It Off.When Taylor got to the “liars and the dirty dirty cheats” part of the spoken word bridge of Shake It Off, she hatefully spat out every word as if each syllable was for Scooter. because Taylor is the Gumpdrop Mayor of Corn Syrup Corners, she quickly flipped moods from rage to artificial smiles from ear to ear.I am a little surprised she didn’t go all the way with that call out, especially while performing for Amazon Prime Day. She could have easily dropped in something about taking advantage of Amazon Prime’s free shipping to get a custom-made punching bag or dart board delivered to your house.Pic: TwitterDlisted