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Here is a photo of Sofia Richie, 21, at a NY Fashion Week event on Monday. She looks… different, right? I’ll admit to not really caring about Sofia Richie all that much, and I barely cover her. I remember when she dated Justin Bieber, and I know that she’s currently with Scott Disick, even though it feels like he’s babysitting her. Sofia has always had her own sort of look – the Reese Witherspoon-esque chin, the perma-pout, etc. But she just looks… different. And it happened quickly too. This was Sofia less than two weeks ago, at the Venice Film Festival:That’s how she “normally” looks. But in photos coming out of NYFW – I’m also including a photo from a few days ago – she looks refreshed. Or something. Apparently, some people think she got a Khloe Kardashian-esque nose job. The Daily Mail thinks she just got her lips super-inflated. I definitely think the lips are throwing everything off, but I swear… her eyes look different too, right? Is that Botox? I think her nose might be the same, plus I doubt she could heal in two weeks’ time from a post-Venice nose job. And again, everything the Kardashians touch turns to plastic. It’s not enough that Khloe and Kim and Kylie – and to a lesser extent, Kendall – have all gotten so much work that they are basically cartoons. Now Kourtney’s ex-partner has a young girlfriend who is also doing that sh-t to her face. It’s depressing.Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Avalon Red and WENN.Celebitchy