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Variety says thatSaturday Night Livehad a plan but it sort of completely went wrong. Yes, I’m talking about the mess that was Shane Gillis. As you know, Shane was hired to be white guy number 7 of the cast, but his life exploded when the internet brought out a podcast episode from last year of him and his friend/co-host Matt McCuskerreferring to Chinese people as “chinks” and lamenting their desire to learn English while in public, etc. Well, it turns out that SNL actually wanted a guy like Shane because they wanted to bring in the conservatives.Sources say that SNL executives andLorne Michaelswere actively trying to cast a new comedian who would have a more right-wing appeal so they could get more conservative viewers. It seems that all those Donald Trump impressions have given people the idea that they have a liberal bias.Usually SNL looks for cast members in improv troupes like The Groundlings, Second City, and The Upright Citizens Brigade and auditions consist of character bits and celebrity impressions and the like. Shane did not do any of this-he has no credited onscreen acting experience and auditioned using a portion of his stand-up routine.People who spoke with Variety said this conservative plan really turned all the way left because Shane’s racist, homophobic, and overall asshole ways were known in comedy circles. But he does have some supporters inDavid Spade, Bill Burr, and Jim Jefferies who all defended Shane during David Spade’s late-night Comedy Central show Lights Out With David Spade.You know, ifSNL really wants to appeal to a more conservative audience, why half-ass it with Shane: just hire a full-on Nazi!Pic: InstagramDlisted