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Ryan Seacrest’s former stylist, Suzie Hardy, claimed in a Variety piece that he was a straight up pants-free asshole who sexually harassed her for years. Ryan is just the latest dubious celebrity male to have the spotlight shone on him in the #MeToo era. Unfortunately for Ryan, the revelation that he allegedly had no problem with forcing a woman’s head into his crotch like a particularly unsexy WWE bout is coinciding with his biggest hosting gig of the year.Ryan is normally front and center on the Oscars red carpet, asking celebrities vapid questions as his programming dictates. However, this year, celebs will reportedly give him and his microphone a hard pass due to the recent allegations. And Ryan’s rival for red carpet coverage, Access Hollywood, is obviously taking great delight in Seacrest’s downfall.Page Six is claiming Access Hollywood plans to ask every single one of their interviewees what they think about Ryan Seacrest.Access Hollywood’s executive producer Rob Silverstein says that his hosts Scott Evans and Kit Hoover have been instructed to bypass the normal fluff about designers and go straight to #MeToo. And they’re to wrap up each interview by asking celebs what they think of the male version of a Skipper doll down the carpet aways.”And then,” he added, “we will ask them whether or not they will talk to Ryan Seacrest.”That general feeling of BURN HOLLYWOOD BURN that’s been permeating the news for a year and something now is being felt by ALL the celebs, according to another PR type. No one wants to step in shit!Sources told Page Six that celebrities have been practicing answers to the inevitable barrage of questions involving alleged abusers Harvey Weinstein and Woody Allen, and publicists have been working overtime to make sure their clients “don’t step in a pile of shit” during interviews, as one Los Angeles publicist with Oscar-nominated clients said.Celebrities sporting their usual incredibly expensive shoes to tonight’s ceremony have more than shit to worry about stepping in. They should also worry about slipping and falling after they blunder into the giant puddle of salty tears that Seacrest is going to shed once he has that live on-camera breakdown.Pic: WENNDlisted