Ryan Gosling Could Possibly Play Batman In The “Joker” Cinematic Universe

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Back in October, Jared Leto learned the cold hard truth that people really do still want to see movies about The Joker . Todd Phillips’ gritty, greasy Joker broke a bunch of box office records, which in Hollywood accounting terms means it will probably be getting a sequel. There’s word that the sequel will have Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker meeting Batman. And it’s rumored that one of the names being thrown around for Batman is Ryan Gosling.According to fansite We Got This Covered, a Joker sequel is definitely happening, andwill bounce forward a few years, which means The Joker will inevitably have his first run-in with Batman.WGTC says that one of the first names that was dropped for the role of Batman was Bradley Cooper, who worked with Todd Phillips on three Hangover films. But Warner Bros. is very interested in Ryan Gosling. And just like that, Robert Pattinson has officially lost the title of Dreamiest Batman. I’m sorry Robert, you had a good run. But you’re no match for the romantic blue-collar hunk from The Notebook in a tight rubber suit.There are also a few other actors that are being considered for Batman. It’s also still up in the air how much screen time The Joker will have with Batman. WGTC says that it would be inevitable that Batman is introduced into the Jokerverse, but that there’s a chance he might not show up until Joker 3.The only issue here is age. Bruce Wayne made an appearance in Joker as a 10-year-old boy. Joaquin is a full-blown adult. In real life, Joaquin is 45, whereas Ryan is 39. There’s also an implication in Joker that Arthur Fleck and Bruce Wayne might be half-brothers . And the only thing Joaquin and Ryan have in common, looks-wise, is that they’re both white guys. So how will they explain the sudden age difference of six years, or lack of resemblance? According to WGTC, they won’t. The studio is aware that The Joker is much older than Batman, but that they’re not concerned about it.Let’s face it – Hollywood doesn’t exactly have to go the extra mile when it comes to this sequel. Age difference? Who cares. BBatman now being played by a blonde from Canada with a vague Brooklyn accent? Irrelevant. There’s a 100% chance that fans would line up and fork over $15 to watch a sequel that was nothing but Joaquin Phoenixshitty dancing on a set of stairs for two hours. Anything above and beyond that is merely a courtesy.Pic: Wenn.comDlisted