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Ever since Justin Timberlake announced his bad Bon Iver impression of an album, people have been waiting for the man who most certainly will not do a Vegas residency to put on his various Kabuki make-up andshow how he has the range. There was Steve Jobs JT, there was “woke” JT, and now there’s $1.99 Waffle House special JT for the “Say Something” video. Yes, bitchhasdone gone country.Speaking of Bon Iver, the mess starts in what looks like an abandoned Brooklyn warehouse that probably still costs squatters $3 million per minute to live in. Justin uses it to sample his own voice. He apparently took the song title literally, as approximately 92% of it is just repeating “Say Something.” He then croons on through a tarped hallway that I imagine was used by Patrick Bateman in American Psycho for a few murders, but I guess serial killer venues have fab acoustics.He then hops in the elevator from Titanic to go find country critter Chris Stapleton so they canhave a stairwell sing-off. The Dave Matthews Band beat and chorus at the end would almost have me thinking this was a United Colors Of Benneton ad if it weren’t for the fact that two of the whitest dudes in all the land were front and center. Some people are saying the album, which comes out next week ahead of his Super Bowl Halftime Show, is his Lemonade, and even Beyonc enlisted the Dixie Chicks to make her seem like a legit country crooner. In Justin’s case, let’s hope he does bring Janet Jackson back to keep us awake. Otherwise, he and Chris are going to put both teams to sleep!Pic:YouTubeDlisted