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Huffpost put this under their “Weird News” banner but they should really start a “Fun Dads” category. Glasgow, Scotland’s Patrick Keenan noted that there was a big cake of snow on top of his daughter’s trampoline out on the deck. So he face-planted himself on it. Cuz’ why not? And it went viral!Keenan shared slow-mo footage of his stunt on Twitter Thursday. It garnered more than 2.7 million views in its first 24 hours online.”The snow just looked too perfect and inviting, and the big kid in me took over. Who wouldn’t?” Keenan, 31, told HuffPost on Friday.Keenan also said that he’s happy it “brought joy” to people and he’d “100 percent do it again.”Fun dads are the best dads. Scottish fun dads are even better cuz’ they have the sexy accent and everything.Had to be done!— Paddy K March 1, 2018Pic: TwitterDlisted