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In his defense, he might not be able to cut a cake but at least he’s not as much of a dickhead as his racist, vehicularly-menacing dad. Twitter is aflutter over Prince Edward’s recent bizarre attempt to cut a cake. Eddie attended the 25th anniversary of Northern Ireland’s Lakeland Community Care Centre on Wednesday and was asked to cut the cake. He chose to use the knife to ensure it was dead first.As described by People, it does sound rather bizarre.In a video shared by the Royal Family on Twitter, Prince Edward stands over the cake with a large knife and excitedly counts down: “Ready? One, two, three, go!” He stabs the knife directly into the center of the cake before briskly sliding it to the cake’s edge.Later, it was a happy moment for members of the local community and volunteers at Lakeland Community Care Centre, as The Earl of Wessex joined them in celebrating their 25th anniversary! #RoyalVisitNI– The Royal Family October 9, 2019The reactions are lovely.”This is a man who has never cut cake before,” commented one Twitter user, while another likened his technique to a “butcher.”Truthfully, his eccentric approach is rather delightful, as this observer noted.”The Earl of Wessex cake cutting skills made me smile,” wrote one commenter. “I love his sense of humor. EVERYTHING doesn’t have to be serious especially delicious looking cake.”Right-o!Pic: TwitterDlisted