Open Post: Hosted By President Ariana Grande In The Video For “Positions”

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Ariana Grande released the first single from her new album which is expected to be out next week, October 30. The song Positions is about pretty much what you’d assume. Yoga. No, obviously it’s about sexy times. A girl telling her man that she could switch up anything at any time, sexual or otherwise. So clearly the music video featured Ariana Grande as the President of the United States. Welcome to: Disney’s Scandal.At midnight, Ariana released the new single and video for Positions, featuring appearances from people like her mama Joan Grande, Tayla Parx, and Victoria Monet. It was directed by Dave Meyers. Not sure what Ariana Grande thinks the President of the United States does, exactly… The video features her doing things like signing papers, giving out medals, having conference room conversations, walking down a hallway holding a folder, and cooking:It should be noted that the person getting a medal is a USPS worker, which is for sure a dig at the way the post office has been screwed over in America. And Page Six says that fans also think that there may be a bit of a dig at her ex-fianc Pete Davidson. In the opening lyrics she sings:“Heaven sent you to me, I’m just hoping I don’t repeat history.”But she separated “Re” and “Peat.” So clearly that means Pete! How clever! No wonder she was elected President. Just kidding, I would hate to know what the economy was like in this timeline when the President has so much time to walk her dogs. And yet I think we can all agree that President Ariana Grande would be much less of a clusterfuck than President Kanye West… And actually, much better than the current POTUS too.Pic: YouTubeDlisted