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Keanu Reeves is really The Most Respectable Man Alive, and thankfully he’ll continue to be because he’s immortal. Yesterday I was falling more deeply in love with him because he was in a video game and was acting charming and “breathtaking” on stage, and today I’m admiring him even more because of his ability to not invade people’s personal space.The internet has found more Keanu lore to add to the history books. Yes, we already know that he is a respectable God King who can make any person, animal or torrential riverbed calm itself with only his voice-but did you know he’s a master at keeping his hand to himself.A Twitter user pointed out a theme he noticed in Keanu’s pictures with people: he doesn’t touch them unnecessarily:Lol Keanu ain’t taking no chances.— Kemoy Lindsay June 9, 2019The Twitterverse went wild. The opinions ranged from: why does he have to do that, to thank god to does that, to maybe it’s cultural, but all of them were Pro-Keanu:It’s not about not taking chances, it’s about being considerate and respectful, qualities that Keanu carries in spades.— peachshim June 10, 2019Keanu has the amazing power to make you feel hugged without ever having touched you.— Polly Karr June 9, 2019It’s called “manner hands” And is used by many men around the world .— KARD Thots // #JIWOOSBOOBMOLE June 9, 2019Regardless of Keanu’s motivations, I’m glad I get to experience all the wisdom he puts out into the world even through just his own physical actions. When he picks up litter and puts it in the recycling is he just doing that or is he telling me something about the world? Both.And I guess this shows us that Keanu could never be cast in50 Shades Of Gray. Pretend to kill people with weapons and your barehands whilemounted on a horse? Yes. Disrespect women for personal gratification? NEVER!Pic: TwitterDlisted