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The third season of The Crown is still two whole months away. Which is bad news for all the Lizards that just can’t wait to see if Olivia Colman’s Queen Elizabeth is able to scowl at Prince Philip as good as Claire Foy could. Thankfully, Vogue threw us a crumb while we wait, and put Olivia on the cover of the October issue. And I know Vogue was going for a fancy royal-ish look, but I’m not sure it screams The Queen. I’m getting more of an ‘eccentric viscountess who day drinks red wine and donates exclusively to rescue dog charities‘ vibe.Inside the magazine, Olivia – who was shot by Annie Leibovitz – does more posing in expensive gowns. If Olivia’s attitude during her awesome Oscars speech is any clue to how she was during this shoot, I want to believe that if she spilled tea on that Zac Posen dress, she gasped, “Oi, fuck – you think the milk is going to bugger up the satin? Eh, send me the cleaning bill, I’ll take care of it.” View this post on Instagram October cover star Olivia Colman’s signal moment came this past winter, when she won a best-actress Oscar for her performance in The Favourite as Queen Anne: a childish, heartbroken sovereign with a circle of sycophants and the eye makeup of a nightmare Ronette. Colman–“Collie” to many friends–took to the stage cracking self-deprecating jokes while tearing up, recalling her work as a house cleaner and calling out her weeping writer husband, Ed Sinclair. “The person the whole world saw, the way they fell in love with her, not just her performance, that’s who she is,” says Rachel Weisz, a costar nominated for best supporting actress along with Emma Stone, who reports spending parts of the evening in tears at the thrill of seeing someone “so deeply good–and I don’t just mean talent” recognized. In an industry that trades in illusion and mystique, Colman has helped to announce a down-to-earth age, a moment in which the quality of stardom has begun to shift from the unreachable to the exquisitely human. Tap the link in our bio to read our full profile. Photographed by #AnnieLeibovitz, styled by @tonnegood, written by Nathan Heller, Vogue, October 2019.A post shared by Vogue on Sep 12, 2019 at 6:00am PDTsay hello to vogue’s october covergirl: olivia colman— keaton kilde September 11, 2019She also had a few things to say to Vogue about acting – which you can read here. But here’s a short selection of the most Olivia Colman-ish moments.On being thankful she got famous later in life : “To be the ingenue and to keep working is rare because once people see you as that, they don’t like the process of aging. Which is fucking ridiculous! I grew to my place.”On body confidence: “If someone doesn’t like me because of the size of my bum, they can fuck off. Because I’m quite a nice person to be with, actually.”On college: “I was rubbish at it.”On lemonade her kids made: “It looks like a urine sample, but it is actually very delicious.”On describing understeeped tea: “I’ve made that very pissy–is it too weak?”Olivia also did one of those corny 73 Questions with Vogue, and thank god she did, because she gave us what might be the best answer to a question Vogue has ever asked. Around the 0:40 mark, Olivia was asked what TV shows she watched constantly while growing up. And she managed to make Dynasty even more glamorous by filtering it through her British accent and pronouncing it “Dinn-ass-tee.” But then she went ahead and expertly undid the illusion of high-class shoulder-padded drama she had just crafted, by admitting she once ate a cigarette butt in an audition, and that the most outrageous thing she’s ever done is “pooed in the cupboard.” Truly one of our generation’s greatest actors!Pic: Annie Leibovitz/VogueDlisted