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Jennifer Lopez recently did what Jennifer Lopez has been known to do many times before, which is that she posted a mid-workout selfie from her in-home gym. Except this time, no one was looking at JLo’s abs or wondering how much time that photo spent as an open document in Photoshop. People on the internet were terrified over what appeared to be a spooky masked man staring at JLo through her window.But we can all stop screaming for JLo to stop taking selfies and use that iPhone to dial 911. People magazine got to the bottom of the mystery, and it’s not nearly as creepy as the internet thought.So when you zoom in over JLo’s right shoulder, you’ll see what appears to be a guy in a face mask. Some people thought it was a man in distress with his mouth being covered, or possibly gagged. Another Twitter user claimed that any time someone asked about the man, their comment was deleted. Did JLo hear there was an opening in disturbing tech-based narratives now that Black Mirror is on a COVID-19 hiatus? Is JLo’s home being haunted by a perverted Peeping Tom ghost who has zero respect for her privacy, but the utmost respect for coronavirus social distancing rules?What's up with JLo's IG pic here? What's with the dude in the back? They keep deleting comments asking about him— Amalee Jones May 18, 2020People magazine says that yes, it’s a random guy. But he’s not actually anywhere near JLo’s house. A source says that what everyone caught in the back of her selfie is actually a computer screen. The source points out that to the left of the masked man’s face is a blue sleeve, which they claim is Alex Rodriguez’s right shoulder and arm. A-Rod was on a business call over Zoom. They also say that the man in A-Rod’s call wasn’t wearing a mask, but simply had his hand over his mouth. So, some of those internet detectives were correct.This is probably the last time A-Rod will accidentally expose his computer screen to the world. As that Spanish TV anchor will tell you, no one is safe from getting caught in a quarantine live video. And with A-Rod’s history, he’s definitely going to be taking all his Zoom calls in the safety of his car from here on out.Pic: InstagramDlisted